February 10, 2021 – Intent, Intent, Intent

MERCURY SQUARE MARS (while Mercury retrogrades) [4:16 am pst/ 5:16 am mst/ 6:16 am cst/ 7:16 am est/ 1:16 pm in Europe] is a working aspect. It asks for industriousness.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [4:42 am pst/ 5:42 am mst/ 6:42 am cst/ 7:42 am est/ 1:42 pm in Europe] is our intention-making focusing aspect. Saturn likes intention, clarity and pre-planning. Saturn likes order and things that are step by step by step. What are our intentions going forward?

MOON SQAURE URANUS [5:51 am pst/ 6:51 am mst/ 7:51 am cst/ 8:51 am est/ 2:51 pm in Europe] is a square of spiritual expansion. Can we look at what is before us (that may be an illusion or passing, not of our future, but of our now and passing), and imagine where we are going? Can we see discomfort or imperfection and imagine comfort and perfection?  With all the Uranian energies right now, we can envision the future we would like, even if its very different from what we see before us, and the Aquarian future will carry our vision. That is the work of this square.  Visioning the future we desire, and holding it closely.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [2:11 pm pst/ 3:11 pm mst/ 4:11 pm cst/ 5:11 pm est/ 11:11 pm in Europe] in Aquarius brings our love and creativity into our future-planning tool-box. How do we envision our creativity, the future of our relationships and how we will express more love in our near future? The fabric of life, all of life LOVES US today!

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [3:29 pm pst/ 4:29 pm mst/ 5:29 pm cst/ 6:29 pm est/ 12:29 am thurs morn in Europe] gifts us with energy, expansion and awakening. We are still in that process we all know as “ascension,” meaning we are gaining higher and higher frequencies into our body day by day, and that will raise the level and vibration of our experiences. We can embody more joy, more ease, and more grace.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY  (Retrograding) [11:22 pm pst/ 12:22 am late night mst/ 1:22 am cst/ 2:22 am est/ 8:22 am thurs morn in Europe] makes late night writing and our dreams rich with treasures from the past. Mercury Retrograde circles back, reminding us of old friends, old projects and old ideas that are returning for upgrades and renewals.

May we honor the life we have lives, and all those treasures that return to us. This is a treasure time, treasures from the past re-emerging!