February 9, 2021 – MOON VOID for Structural Healing

Moon is VOID today
after 9:22 am pst/10:22 am mst/ 11:22 am cst/ 12:22 pm est/6:22 pm in Europe] through tomorrow morning.

SATURN SEXTILE CHIRON [2:59 am pst/ 3:59 pm mst/ 4:59 pm cst/ 5:59 pm est/ 11:59 pm in Europe] is a deep call for healing of all systems. People are calling for the healing of corrupt and wounded systems. Our within, calls us to repair outdated and inappropriate systems, transforming them to systems more in alignment with the WHOLISTIC HEALING vision of intact culture, intact micro-food-systems, better energy systems that don’t pollute and the healing of all incorrect systems. This is our call in 2021 and this aspect is a messenger to that healing.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [9:22 am pst/ 10:22 am mst/ 11:22 am cst/ 12:22 pm est/ 6:22 pm in Europe] is a power aspect with our receptive nature intimately in touch with a source of power. Too often in our history, Pluto and Power has been misused, and/or utilized by forces of mal-intent. When power is used for mal-intent, it is a lower power. Higher power is power used with high intent. Today in the MOON VOID, where logistics can be slippery, its a good day to get in tune with our deep inner soul-ful sources of true power.

MOON enters Aquarius by sign [at 5:20 pm pst/ 6:20 pm mst/ 7:20 pm cst/ 8:20 pm est/ 2 am wed morn in Europe] (yet moon is still VOID between signs until tomorrow morning at 4:42 am pst/ 1:42 pm wed in Europe) so a time to relax, meditate and consider our true sources of power.