February 5, 2021 – SATURN CONJUNCT VENUS – Authority, Boundaries and Planning things we Love


MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [1:20 am pst/ 2:20 am mst/ 3:20 am cst/ 4:20 am est/ 10:20 am in Europe] is a powerful aspect for transforming dark into light, victim into balance, or misuse of power into right use of power.

MOON enters Sagittarius [9:16 am pst/ 10:16 am mst/ 11:16 am cst/ 12:16 pm est/ 6:16 pm in Europe] adding fire to our creative cycle now in its closing quarter.  MOON is VOID until the next aspect at 7 pm pst. VOID Moons are great days to go back and take care of things that need redoing, and returning things that need returning.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [7 pm pst/ 8:pm mst/ 9:pm cst/ 10:pm est/ 4 am sat morn in Europe] invites joy, beauty and our inner attention to our heart’s basic needs.

[7:20 pm pst/ 8:20 pm mst/ 9:20 pm cst/ 10:20 pm est/ 4:20 am in Europe] asks us to plan for our creative future.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN [11:07 pm pst/ 12:07 am late night mst/ 1:07 am cst/ 2:07 am est/ 8 am sat morn] is a reset button. Its a place of our own authority, boundaries and setting of limits that serve our higher path.

May we be clear and choiceful in areas of the heart.

Author’s Notes: Request for prayers for a good outcome at 2pm today.

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