February 4, 2021 – Quarter Cycle Shift, Darkening waning last quarter of Creative Leo cycle

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [12:40 am pst/ 1:40 am mst/ 2:40 am cst/ 3:40 am est/ 9:40 am in Europe] expands our ability to be aware, soulful, and to be in our own journey. The journey that is ours. Not the collective journey, but our personal journey.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [6:51 am pst/ 7:51 am mst/ 8:51 am cst/ 9:51 am est/ 3:51 pm in Europe] is an intimate activation. There is intimate action on behalf of our own personal journey.

SUN SQUARE MOON [9:37 am pst/ 10:37 am mst/ 11:37 am cst/ 12:37 pm est/ 6:37 pm in Europe] is the square that shifts us in the lunar cycle from the waning light quarter, to the waning dark quarter, heading for the end of the cycle in a week, and the next NEW MOON.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [3:11 pm pst/ 4:11 pm mst/ 5:11 pm cst/ 6:11 pm est/ 12:11 am fri morn in Europe] offers a soothing water aspect supporting us in the flow. Fluid, relaxed, receptive, we are able to receive the will of heaven through us.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [5:57 pm pst/ 6:57 pm mst/ 7:57 pm cst/ 8:57 pm est/ 2:57 am fri morn in Europe] is an awakening aspect. Uranus brings us potentially shocking surprises. Uranus comes bringing the possibility of rapid change.

MERCURY is retrograding in Aquarius, bringing us full circle in endeavors that involve whole communities, groups and friendships from the past. For a free report on Mercury cycles in 2021, e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with MERCURY in the subject.

The next new Moon is in Aquarius on February 11th. May we honor the creative genius in this cycle as it winds down the final week.