February 2, 2021 – Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

MOON is in Libra, sign of relationship, with SUN in Aquarius of community development.

SUN TRINE MOON [2:49 am pst/ 3:49 am mst/ 4:49 am cst/ 5:49 am est/ 11:49 am in Europe] brings the true beauty of the dance of masculine and feminine forward. In the ways the universe delivers that to each of us, now, we are always in the beautiful dance of masculine and feminine.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [10:15 pm pst/ 11:15 pm mst/ 12:15 am cst/ 1:15 am est/ 7:15 am wed morn in Europe] offers an edge of discomfort. Are we strong enough to overcome all that might hold us back from taking our true life, stepping into our soulful path ahead and giving it everything we have?

[10:15 pm pst/ 11:15 pm mst/ 12:15 am cst/ late night/ 1:15 late night est/ 7:15 am wed morn in Europe] offers a sweet pathway from our discomfort, to humor and grace, syncronicity and playful things that make life easier. MERCURY, being RETROGRADE, brings us treasures from the past, and we may find treasures from the past bring us new life as we approach springtime.

May we feel the beauty of new life emerging, untouched by the mental realm or tech, springtime, emerges from our biological flower-selves. May we be like flowers and enjoy growing toward the light. 

Note on MERCURY RETROGRADE. for details on the mercury cycles for the year, e-mail: azlanwhite@gmail.com for a free report on 2021 (mercury retrograde cycles).