February 1, 2021 – Solar Action Activation & Receiving Clarity

Bright n early this morning, we may be up writing, working or ruminating on the incredible times we see before us.

SUN SQUARES MARS [2:34 am pst/ 3:34 am mst/ 4:34 am cst/ 5:34 am est/ 11:34 am in Europe] activates the world’s call for our  solar expression and personal action. What do we have to do or share that is our unique focal point, or piece of the puzzle?

MOON TRINE VENUS [3:10 am pst/ 4:10 am mst/ 5:10 am cst/ 6:10 am est/ 12:10 pm in Europe] offers sweet harmony, and the support of little joys, luscious flavor, texture and the innocent exquisite beauty of life.

MOON enters Libra [3:25 am pst/ 4:25 am mst/ 5:25 am cst/ 6:25 am est/ 12:25 pm in Europe] honoring more feminine beauty and wisdom.

VENUS enters Aquarius [6:05 am pst/ 7:05 am mst/ 8:05 am cst/ 9:05 am est/ 3:05 pm in Europe] Venus transiting from earth to air, shifting from basic form and function up into the higher vibrations of genius and humor, having more fun.

[12:32 pm pst/ 1:32 pm mst/2:32 pm cst/ 3:32 pm est/ 9:32 pm in Europe] eases the path before us by providing more clarity and definition, where we may not have been able to see clearly before. This physical material world is our friend receiving direction from our interior emanation and command.

[8:57 pm pst/ 9:57 pm mst/ 10:57 pm cst/ 11:57 pm est/ 5:57 am tues morn in Europe] gifts us with the ability to receive grace, abundance and expanded opportunities in our areas of previous limitation. We may be seeing that our international money market and politics is breaking open and embattled, this may provide unusual opportunities not available before, especially in the world of money and finance.

The MOON is still in the light part of the lunar cycle, still surfing off a bright fiery full moon, waning down toward the next new moon on Feb. 11th in Aquarius.The upcoming new moon and cycle is an important one to lay the groundwork for the rest of 2021 and the Aquarian era beyond.

Mercury retrograde also in Aquarius, has us going back and re-membering some poignant things from our past.

May we follow our nose and the mercury retro-grace that takes us into circles, or rabbit hole’s of the past that serve our discovery of buried treasures

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Have a well intended crafted day that you made.