January 31, 2021 – Fog in Life, Everything Changing, Power Evening

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE this morning [9:09 am pst/ 10:09 am mst/ 11:09 am cst/ 12:09 pm est/ 6:09 pm in Europe] brings some fog with it. It can be difficult to see through the fog, and its always good with Neptune, to “go with the flow,” Neptune and the Moon enjoy spiritual practice and cooking together.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:17 pm pst/ 8:17 pm mst/ 9:17 pm cst/ 10:17 pm est/ 4:17 am in Europe] is a peaceful power aspect. We can be prepared for next week.

An unusual week, with MERCURY RETROGRADE now, in Aquarius, so all the voting irregularities and tech issues will be gone back over. What a next three weeks we may have before us, while Mercury retrogrades through the tech and/or humanity sign!

May we re-member all that is occurring is taking us to higher and ultimately higher places of existence and culture. What it may look like is an illusion, the truth is deeper and we are raising up higher and higher each day.

Note: If you would like a free report on the MERCURY CYCLE for 2021 (three mercury retrograde periods of 3 weeks each year), e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with MERCURY in the subject. 

January 29, 2021 – Full Moon surfing, Mercury Slowing to Retrograde

After the FULL MOON and lots of power aspects yesterday, MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY is the only aspect later today [5:53 pm pst/ 6:53 pm mst/ 7:53 pm cst/ 8:53 pm est/ 2:53 am sat morn in Europe]

MERCURY is slowing down today prior to being STATIONARY RETROGRADE in Aquarius, tomorrow [7:51 am pst/ 8:51 am mst/ 9:51 am cst/ 10:51 am est/ 4:51 pm in Europe]

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius begins the first MERCURY RETROGRADE dynamic of 2021. In Aquarius, we are going back to re-member our true community, our real humanitarian connection to each other and the earth. With the extreme computerization of everything there is a call to each of us to return to our biological humanity. 

January 28, 2021 – FULL MOON in Leo with Creativity and Abundance Magic

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [3:41 am pst/ 4:41 am mst/ 5:41 am cst/ 6:41 am est/ 12:41 pm in Europe] is an of responsibility. May we take responsibility for what is ours to do. Saturn invites us to structure and form setting.

[7:11 am pst/ 8:11 am mst/ 9:11 am cst/ 10:11 am est/ 4:11 pm in Europe] might bring something unusual or shocking to us today.

[8:18 am pst/ 9:18 am mst/ 10:18 am cst/ 11:18 am est] is abundance power in our hands today. This is a power aspect. Anything we start today is blessed with potency and power.

SUN OPPOSITE MOON ; FULL MOON in Leo [11:16 am pst/ 12:16 pm mst/ 1:16 pm cst/ 2:16 pm est/ 8:16 pm in Europe] invites us into our creative genius to bring what matters most to us, into creative process toward fruition.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [11:39 am pst/ 12:39 pm mst/ 1:39 pm cst/ 2:39 pm est/ 8:39 pm in Europe] is a test of expansiveness. Can we open and expand beyond our current limitations?

MOON SQUARE MARS [2:32 pm pst/ 3:32 pm mst/ 4:32 pm cst/ 5:32 pm est/ 11:32 pm in Europe] may activate us into action,  Right action is the secret key to success today.

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER [5:39 pm pst/ 6:39 pm mst/ 7:39 pm cst/ 8:39 pm est/ 2:39 am Fri morn in Europe] brings light and expansion beyond our limitations by the end of the day. This is a day to ask for what you want and to receive it, or to be on the way to receiving it. There is no miracle too small and no gift too big for this grand expansive abundance aspect!

January 27, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Building toward Breakthrough Solution

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [7:36 am pst/ 8:36 am mst/ 9:36 am cst/ 10:36 am est/ 4:36 pm in Europe] is a test of our heart’s longing. What do we want to free ourselves from? What do we truly desire? What needs are unmet? What tests and challenges are calling us to pull forth our creative genius?

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [9:55 am pst/ 10:55 am mst/ 11:55 am cst/ 12:55 pm est/ 6:55 pm in Europe] furthers our testing today. What transformation do we need? What power is offered to us to provide the transformation we need? What are we resisting? What resistance is based in our doubt or fear and not in reality, that we can clear and replace with creative genius?

MOON is VOID the rest of the day, making it a day of completions, redo’s and fix-ups. transitioning between MOON in Cancer and MOON in Leo. The FULL MOON coming, tomorrow, is a light of creative catharsis!

JUPITER comes closest to the SUN today, in the astronomical sky. Tomorrow, from earth’s view, SUN CONJUNCTS JUPITER, and the grace of our creativity can overtake all fears, and all dilemma’s, with the light of creative solutions and openings.

MOON enters Leo at [6:54 pm pst/ 7:54 pm mst/ 8:54 pm cst/ 9:54 pm est/ 3:54 am thurs morn in Europe] bringing in more light. Time to get creative!

May we reach into our hearts and soul’s for the paintbrushes of this solar year. What are we creating? How can we overcome doubts, fears and resistance and leap into our creative confidence, solving our problems with our own creative genius! 

January 26, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Coming

SUN SQUARE URANUS [4:48 am pst/ 5:48 am mst/ 6:48 am cst/ 7:48 am set/ 1:48 pm in Europe] is a corner of potential anxiety. How are we expressing ourselves in the world? And what are the invisible forces at play? How are we dancing and being with the invisible forces at play?

MOON SEXTILE MARS [5:17 am pst/ 6:17 am mst/ 7:17 am cst/ 8:17 am est/ 2:17 pm in Europe] gives us a big energy jolt of action and inspiration, which we can surf all the way to the FULL MOON on Thursday at 11:16 am pst, and beyond.  This is a good day to allow ourselves to receive the inspiration that is meant to be creatively inaugurated into our own lives. There is a call for MORE CREATIVITY with this FULL MOON in LEO coming.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:57 pm pst/ 11:57 pm mst/ 12:57 am late night cst/ 1:57 am late night pst/ 7:57 am Wednesday morn in Europe] brings sweet Divine Intervention if and where we need it. This evening can flow with ease, nourishment and the care of those who most closely channel our creator for us.

This is a supportive day, leading us to tomorrow that may be a more challenging day. Tomorrow, MOON opposes PLUTO and VENUS first thing in the morning. VENUS and PLUTO are coming toward each other for a CONJUNCTION on the FULL MOON Thursday. This points us to a Creative Catharsis for each one. Each one of us is called to the creative force within us, to allow the genius of us to come forward, and transform our fears, doubts and issues, into a Creative Solution.