January 29, 2021 – Full Moon surfing, Mercury Slowing to Retrograde

After the FULL MOON and lots of power aspects yesterday, MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY is the only aspect later today [5:53 pm pst/ 6:53 pm mst/ 7:53 pm cst/ 8:53 pm est/ 2:53 am sat morn in Europe]

MERCURY is slowing down today prior to being STATIONARY RETROGRADE in Aquarius, tomorrow [7:51 am pst/ 8:51 am mst/ 9:51 am cst/ 10:51 am est/ 4:51 pm in Europe]

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius begins the first MERCURY RETROGRADE dynamic of 2021. In Aquarius, we are going back to re-member our true community, our real humanitarian connection to each other and the earth. With the extreme computerization of everything there is a call to each of us to return to our biological humanity.