January 28, 2021 – FULL MOON in Leo with Creativity and Abundance Magic

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [3:41 am pst/ 4:41 am mst/ 5:41 am cst/ 6:41 am est/ 12:41 pm in Europe] is an of responsibility. May we take responsibility for what is ours to do. Saturn invites us to structure and form setting.

[7:11 am pst/ 8:11 am mst/ 9:11 am cst/ 10:11 am est/ 4:11 pm in Europe] might bring something unusual or shocking to us today.

[8:18 am pst/ 9:18 am mst/ 10:18 am cst/ 11:18 am est] is abundance power in our hands today. This is a power aspect. Anything we start today is blessed with potency and power.

SUN OPPOSITE MOON ; FULL MOON in Leo [11:16 am pst/ 12:16 pm mst/ 1:16 pm cst/ 2:16 pm est/ 8:16 pm in Europe] invites us into our creative genius to bring what matters most to us, into creative process toward fruition.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [11:39 am pst/ 12:39 pm mst/ 1:39 pm cst/ 2:39 pm est/ 8:39 pm in Europe] is a test of expansiveness. Can we open and expand beyond our current limitations?

MOON SQUARE MARS [2:32 pm pst/ 3:32 pm mst/ 4:32 pm cst/ 5:32 pm est/ 11:32 pm in Europe] may activate us into action,  Right action is the secret key to success today.

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER [5:39 pm pst/ 6:39 pm mst/ 7:39 pm cst/ 8:39 pm est/ 2:39 am Fri morn in Europe] brings light and expansion beyond our limitations by the end of the day. This is a day to ask for what you want and to receive it, or to be on the way to receiving it. There is no miracle too small and no gift too big for this grand expansive abundance aspect!