January 27, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Building toward Breakthrough Solution

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [7:36 am pst/ 8:36 am mst/ 9:36 am cst/ 10:36 am est/ 4:36 pm in Europe] is a test of our heart’s longing. What do we want to free ourselves from? What do we truly desire? What needs are unmet? What tests and challenges are calling us to pull forth our creative genius?

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [9:55 am pst/ 10:55 am mst/ 11:55 am cst/ 12:55 pm est/ 6:55 pm in Europe] furthers our testing today. What transformation do we need? What power is offered to us to provide the transformation we need? What are we resisting? What resistance is based in our doubt or fear and not in reality, that we can clear and replace with creative genius?

MOON is VOID the rest of the day, making it a day of completions, redo’s and fix-ups. transitioning between MOON in Cancer and MOON in Leo. The FULL MOON coming, tomorrow, is a light of creative catharsis!

JUPITER comes closest to the SUN today, in the astronomical sky. Tomorrow, from earth’s view, SUN CONJUNCTS JUPITER, and the grace of our creativity can overtake all fears, and all dilemma’s, with the light of creative solutions and openings.

MOON enters Leo at [6:54 pm pst/ 7:54 pm mst/ 8:54 pm cst/ 9:54 pm est/ 3:54 am thurs morn in Europe] bringing in more light. Time to get creative!

May we reach into our hearts and soul’s for the paintbrushes of this solar year. What are we creating? How can we overcome doubts, fears and resistance and leap into our creative confidence, solving our problems with our own creative genius!¬†