January 26, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Coming

SUN SQUARE URANUS [4:48 am pst/ 5:48 am mst/ 6:48 am cst/ 7:48 am set/ 1:48 pm in Europe] is a corner of potential anxiety. How are we expressing ourselves in the world? And what are the invisible forces at play? How are we dancing and being with the invisible forces at play?

MOON SEXTILE MARS [5:17 am pst/ 6:17 am mst/ 7:17 am cst/ 8:17 am est/ 2:17 pm in Europe] gives us a big energy jolt of action and inspiration, which we can surf all the way to the FULL MOON on Thursday at 11:16 am pst, and beyond.  This is a good day to allow ourselves to receive the inspiration that is meant to be creatively inaugurated into our own lives. There is a call for MORE CREATIVITY with this FULL MOON in LEO coming.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:57 pm pst/ 11:57 pm mst/ 12:57 am late night cst/ 1:57 am late night pst/ 7:57 am Wednesday morn in Europe] brings sweet Divine Intervention if and where we need it. This evening can flow with ease, nourishment and the care of those who most closely channel our creator for us.

This is a supportive day, leading us to tomorrow that may be a more challenging day. Tomorrow, MOON opposes PLUTO and VENUS first thing in the morning. VENUS and PLUTO are coming toward each other for a CONJUNCTION on the FULL MOON Thursday. This points us to a Creative Catharsis for each one. Each one of us is called to the creative force within us, to allow the genius of us to come forward, and transform our fears, doubts and issues, into a Creative Solution.