January 21, 2021 – Sweet Awakening like the Scent of incoming Spring, Growing Beyond Politics

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [12:36 am pst/ 1:36 am mst/ 2:36 am cst/ 3:36 am est] enters the day with fresh awakening, scent, light, and renewal.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:08 am pst/ 2:08 am mst/ 3:08 am cst/ 4:08 pm est/ 10:08 pm in Europe] is a spark of inner flame. There is a revolution within. We may feel revolutionary today. Like a fresh sprout just out of its seed, heading for the light.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [2:15 am pst/ 3:15 am mst/ 4:15 am cst/ 5:15 am est/ 11:15 am in Europe] is a way to dance, move and lift ourselves in the face of lots of feelings. There may be lots of feelings going on after our inaugeration day. Its time to auger in our new world, free of political weight. We are beyond politics, we are biological lovers of life, growing.

MOON TRINE VENUSĀ [9:28 pm pst/ 10:28 pm mst/ 11:28 pm cst/ 12:28 am late night est/ 6:28 am in Europe] is a gift at the end of the day. Receptive to the love in life, there is love pouring forth.

May we receive the beauty, the grace, and the love poured out in the ethers.