January 20, 2021 – Revolution, Ascending beyond Division

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:29 am pst/ 1:29 am mst/ 2:29 am cst/ 3:29 am est/ 4:29 am est/ 9:29 am in Europe] as we awaken into inaugeration day, there is power work before us. There is a division in power, a divide which expresses as a struggle for beliefs, for political possession of the white house and our country, and where we each may focus our power amidst this great power struggle.

The SATURN/PLUTO/JUPITER dance of 2020 has not ended. This great dance of our expanding our sense of power and reforming our sense of authority, goes on. Today is an important piece of foot work on the dance floor.

MOON is in transition between Aries and Taurus. Our chosen leadership is manifesting into form or trans-forming from thoughts to earth.

MARS CONJUNCT URANUS [12:38 pm pst/ 1:38 pm mst/ 2:38 pm cst/ 3:38 pm est/ 9:38 pm in Europe] is a focal point of REVOLUTION, if we have seen one. These two planets together, action and an invisible catharsis, transformation or shocking discovery, are active today. There is awakening in the air and it is active and alive.

[1:01 pm pst/ 2:01 pm mst/ 3:01 pm cst/ 4:01 pm est/we  10:01 pm in Europe] reveals there is work today. In the growing cycle of power, in the division between what one side or energy may think or believe and what the other may express, we all face the work of living here together. In Sun in Aquarian ideals, we each have to face listening to individual unique lunar incarnations that do not fit our assumptions. The work of this square is the cracking of the seed shell. Cracking open the shells that have hidden us from each other, as we come into the new birth of this spring.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7 pm pst/ 8 pm mst/ 9 pm cst/ 10 pm est/ 4 am in Europe] is a step into the real world. A fresh sprout hits the air, a baby chick exits the warm egg. The next step may require work. There is work in growing and in discovery.

There is work in breaking out of our comfortable seed and heading toward our flower.