January 18, 2021 – Exhale Dreams into Form

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [6:19 am pst/ 7:19 am mst/ 8:18 am cst/ 9:18 am est] is a super self-leadership moment. What is coming into form that we are shepherding today and onward into the solar growing year?

[12:45 pm pst/ 1:45 pm mst/ 2:45 pm cst/ 3:45 pm est/ 9:45 pm in Europe] is a time to receive from the invisible forces in the universe that fill our rivers and cups with water, bring the sunrise each day. These ‘natural forces’ also grow and mature us. We are like flowers growing. From within, growing, toward the light.

Self Leadership and Receiving from the large forces beyond the self, we grow ourselves and water ourselves like inner gardens preparing to grow in our community, in our work, in our expression, in our collaboration, in all our relations.