January 17, 2021 – Spiritual Expansion, Deeper, Higher, Wider

Today is a day of spiritual expansion. MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [1:35 am pst/ 2:35 am mst/ 3:35 am cst/ 4:35 am est/ 10:35 am in Europe] invites us at the beginning of the day to “go with the flow,” as is always a good idea, but especially today.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [12:55 pm pst/ 1:55 pm mst/ 2:55 pm cst/ 3:55 est/ 9:55 pm in Europe] is another reminder of our personal power, especially in THIS lunar cycle. Power can be crass and rudimentary, or it can be refined and divine. How we focus this expression of “our power,” is our choice and there are varying levels of shadow power versus light power that we have the choice to engage when there is Pluto contact.

JUPITER SQUARE URANUS [2:49 pm pst/ 3:49 pm mst/ 4:49 pm cst/ 5:49 pm est/ 11:49 in Europe] could be so much expansion of consciousness that its WORK to integrate it! Breathing, dancing, moving and envisioning of our wildest dreams are appropriate in this good spiritual work aspect.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [7:44 pm pst/ 8:44 pm mst/ 9:44 pm cst/ 10:44 pm est/ 4:44 pm in Europe] sends the MOON into a VOID MOON period in transitioning between Moon in Pisces and Moon in Aries.

MOON enters Aries [11:07 pm pst/ 12:07 am mst/ 1:07 am cst/ 2:07 am mon morn est/ 8:07 am thurs morn in Europe] in a cycle of power, pre-spring, new solar year, we are called to self leadership for the new year. Secretly inside of Year, is Ear, listening is a good idea. What are we guided to lead, forge, begin or celebrate?

As we enter the powerful week ahead may we honor our inner fire.