URANUS DIRECT as of the wee hours just after midnight pacific time. This direct motion in Taurus, brings us back to our process of revolutionizing everything physical into our world. We are in a New Era, and all the old structures and institutions will be falling. (we are watching that process). In their place, the whole material world will regenerate, and repopulate with higher frequency structures and institutions that more accurately mirror the energies now, after all the changes. Many of the structures of our world are from the past, from old energy and are extremely outdated. I see the process of them falling is a little messy.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [1:28 am pst/ 2:28 am mst/ 3:28 am cst/ 4:28 am est] is a day to listen. Who do we need to be communicating with? What do they have to say?

SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO [6:19 am pst/ 7:19 am mst/ 8:19 am cst/ 9:19 est] is a day of power. The Powerful cycle we are in–is lit up today. Where is our power? It is lit up today.

May we see it and respect it, and use it well!