January 13, 2021 – Chosen Limits, Shocking Change tomorrow, Set Your Divine Sacred Intent Now

These times are alive with possibilty. The NEW MOON freed us from the slippery ego-killing cycles of ECLIPSE PURGING of SHADOW! Its a NEW CYCLE in which we can rise out of this slippery unsettling energy of the eclipses and move into some traction. Traction where we set intentions and they happen.

The New Moon took place late last night [at 9pm pst/ 10 pm mst/ 11 pm cst/ 12 pm est/ 6 am in Europe] in Capricorn, (Saturn’s Sign) so its a really good cycle for all our business workings. Its time to set the structure for the business and bones of the solar cycle ahead.

MARS SQUARE SATURN [3:02 am pst/ 4:02 am mst/ 5:02 am cst/ 6:02 am est] is a tension aspect that wants us to act within our own limits that we set for ourselves. This is a day of self-discipline!

MOON enters Aquarius this morning [8:44 am pst/ 9:44 am mst/ 10:44 am cst/ 11:44 est/ 5:44 pm in Europe] there is always a VOID MOON when the MOON transitions signs. This VOID is from 3:02 am pst until 2:11 pm pst.

MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN (in Aquarius) [2:11 pm pst/ 3:11 pm mst/ 4:11 pm cst/ 5:11 pm est/ 11:11 pm in Europe] for a proper dose of Self Discipline and Self-Chosen Limits. This is a good day to set intentions for our year, our work this year and our structure of life.

MOON SQUARE MARS [2:29 pm pst/ 3:29 pm mst/ 4:29 pm cst/ 5:29 pm est] is a corner of potential tension, frustration or desire. May we allow our authentic longing to guide our intentions for our future.

VENUS TRINE URANUS [4:22 pm pst/ 5:22 pm mst/ 6:22 pm cst/ 7:22 pm est/ 1:22 am thursday in Europe] is a breakthrough that comes from the heart. In the invisible world are all the forces that underly all things physical. For many–who are in touch with the “invisible world,” then when it shifts, there is no shock. However those not tuned in, when these shifts occur that stem from the invisible, unseen world, it can be shocking.

Uranus is in a love link with Venus tonight just before shifting from RETROGRADE to DIRECT tomorrow, so URANUS is slowing down to STATION (stop) in earthly Taurus. CHANGE IS AFOOT!

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:29 pm pst/ 9:29 pm mst/ 10:29 pm cst/ 11:29 pm est] is a test of our internal intuitive knowing. What do we know? What change is stirring that we are aware of in the invisible world that we can be supportive of? It is time to get with the shifting invisible world!


May we root into our heart for the adventure of change and hold our FOCUS.