January 3, 2021 – Details of the Next Phase in the Dance of Sun and Moon

MOON TRINE URANUS [5:12 am pst/ 6:12 am mst/ 7:12 am cst/ 8:12 am est/ 2 pm in Europe] is an energy of connecting with the invisible world, the fabric of life, with our most intimate needs. The invisible fabric of life that shepherds us each day through life is there to answer every prayer.

[5:44 pm pst/ 6:44 pm mst/ 7:44 pm cst/ 8:44 pm est/ 2:44 am Mon morn in Europe] brings harmony in a time that yearns for this harmony. Our universe has a creation myth where the SUN and the MOON are dancing in deep love of one another. Mythic masculine deeply in love with mythic feminine.

May we find the innocent love and appreciation for one another that the sun and moon have in their joyful dance at the center of our world.