January 2, 2021 – Solar Cycle gently waxes from the lowest point, Lunar Eclipse Cycle wanes

Though Jan 1, 2021, appears, from our media to mean something, it really is just the shifting of a tax year, for the purpose of keeping track of taxing people. Truly, the cycle of “change,” between not only the 2020 Solar year and the 2021 solar year, but also the “shift of era’s,” and the shift to an Aquarian Era, is taking place inside of this lunar cycle which began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th. That eclipse shift cycle peaked on December 29, with the FULL MOON in Cancer, still expressing the Solar Eclipse beginning of the cycle, with a shadow and power purge.

2020 Featured a Saturn/Pluto conjunction and tight dance of mythos regarding authority and power. This dance continues into 2021, however Saturn has danced ahead into Aquarius while Pluto remains for a while longer in Capricorn. So we will begin to see the building infrastructure of the New World while the Old World still struggles to remain in power even though its structures have crumbled and its sources of ongoing authority have dissolved.

MOON TRINE VENUS [3:24 am pst/ 4:24 am mst/ 5:24 am cst/ 6:24 am est/ 12:24 pm in Europe] ignights our creativity in the new year! The solar cycle is barely waxing and we are called to plant creative seeds that will grow throughout the year. This is a weekend to honor our CREATIVITY, what will we CREATE in the new year?

MOON TRINE MARS [2 pm pst/ 3 pm mst/ 4 pm cst/  5 pm est/ 11 pm in Europe] for even more active creativity!  This active aspect sends MOON into the VOID between Leo and Virgo.

MOOn enters Virgo [at 5:13 pm pst/ 6:13 pm mst/ 7:13 pm cst/ 8:13 pm est/ 2:13 pm in Europe] and its a new tax year. Time for all the little details of the crossing of the year. From creativity to practicality.

Tomorrow is a sweet sunday for divine connection. May we Create, Prepare and Join with the Divine in honor of this next year.