January 1, 2021 – Next Gregorian Calendar Year is 2021, Solar Cycle waxes slowly, Eclipse xmas Purification still unfurling, from its Full Moon

Today in the Astrological sky is not as significant as was December 21, 2020. For the zodiacal, elemental calendar, the WINTER SOLSTICE was the real crossing. This is a changing of Tax-years and numbers from taxable 2020 to taxable 2021. So may this year be the year when the burden of taxes is revealed and released.

MOON is in Leo, a sweet roarr away from the Cancer Full Moon of the Solar Eclipse-begun lunar cycle.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE [3:18 am pst/ 4:18 am mst/ 5:18 am cst/ 6:18 am est] is the only aspect today. It is the mouth and the river of life, making a pact. You and I will be friends–ok? Says the mouth to momentum. Mouth: ” I will speak well and in a raised vibration, singing to heaven,” . . .the RIVER, ” I will carry your voice far and wide, for all to hear your sweet singing.”

As we enter the landscape of 2021, a few steps into the new Solar year, may we sing our soulsong, to the river of life, so that it may carry our song across the landscape of time.

DEEP BLESSINGS for healing, for dreams coming true, for deep breaths and deep nourishment, for a feeling of love, connection, joy and community.