December 31, 2020 – End of Calendar Year – Completion Work

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [12:10 am pst/ 1:10 am mst/ 2:10 am cst / 3:10 am est/ 9:10 am in Europe] brings our intimate feelings about the power struggles of 2020. Most of us feel grateful to complete 2020! What a year! PLUTO played prominently in the year we leave behind. It was a year of addressing power.

MOON SQUARE MARS [5:45 am pst/ 6:45 am mst/ 7:45 am cst/ 8:45 am est/ 2:45 pm in Europe] is a corner of right action in the turning of the year. What actions need to be taken?

MOON enters the VOID between Cancer and Leo in the early morning. Until afternoon.

MOON enters Leo [10:58 am pst/ 11:58 am mst/ 12:58 pm cst/ 1:58 pm est/ 7:58 pm in Europe. Still in the VOID until [1:56 pm pst/ 2:56 pm mst/ 3:56 pm cst / 4:56 pm est] when MOON OPPOSES SATURN! The other great force of 2020!

With our sensitive receptive nature, we can look back on all we may have learned, been tested with and grown through!

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [4:05 pm pst/ 5:05 pm mst/ 6:05 pm cst/ 7:05 pm est/ 1:05 am Fri morn in Europe] allows us to fully receive and feel the GIFTS of 2020! How were we awed, loved, supported or had revelations of expanded consciousness?

MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:25 pm pst/ 12:25 am late night mst/ 1:25 am late night cst/ 2:25 am est/ 8:25 pm in Europe] could be an abrupt or unexpected shift of energy. Its good to be “prepared for anything

December 30, 2020 – Water Work in the Eclipse Field waning

VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE early [2:19 am pdt/3:19 am mdt / 4:19 am cdt/ 5:19 am edt/ 11:19 am in Europe] is a corner of water work. Calling us to Self love and going with the flow of our deep inner ‘real’ even if desires are hidden, we know what they are!

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [8:04 am pst/ 9:04 am mst/ 10:04 am cst/ 11:04 am est] challenges us in our home-work communications dance, to find more balance.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [1:31 pm pst/ 2:31 pm mst/3:31 pm cst/ 4:31 pm est/ 10:31 pm in Europe] brings grace and a ‘go with the flow,’ pace to the day.

May our rafting trip through time today allow us to revel in the beauty of our lives!

December 29, 2020 – Blessings in the FULL MOON of the Christmas New Era Eclipse Transformative Cycle

MOON enters Cancer at [2:28 am pst/ 3:28 am mst/ 4:28 am cst/ 5:28 am est/ 11:28 am in Europe] and the emotional-intuitive, knowing, loving nature of THE MOTHER is the saving grace for almost every problem and situation. The LOVE of the Divine Mother might be one of the most healing forces available on the planet.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [3:32 pm pst/ 4:32 pm mst/ 5:32 pm cst/ 6:32 pm est/ 12:32 am late night/early wed morn in Europe] the aspect closest to the FULL MOON, invites connection with forces beyond what we can see. Forces like “the divine feminine,” and like earth, air, water and fire. Supposed miracles are simply connection with the other side in such a way that it affects this side. May our connection with the other side, and our spirit world bring fruition of this cycle’s alchemy.

This lunar cycle began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in late Sagittarius, this FULL MOON in Cancer is a continuing shadow clearing. Eclipses are deep portals of life, death, clearing and divinely aligned manifestation.

the exact time of this FULL MOON is [7:28 pm pst/ 8:28 pm mst/ 9:28 pm cst/ 10:28 pm est/ 4:28 am wed morn in Europe] With SUN in old-Saturn-ruled Capricorn, we are lighting up the whole 2020 SATURN-PLUTO-JUPITER in Capricorn dynamic, which just shifted with the SATURN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION at zero Aquarius on Winter Solstice. The FULL MOON lights up the Saturn part of the maturing transforming adventure. Saturn is our authority and boundaries.

Where, with Whom and How do we place the authority in our life. Healthy authority lives within us. Any time we project “authority,” outside of ourselves, into doctors, external leaders, or authorities that are external, then we have dissolved our internal authority and literally given our power to have authority and “authorship” over our lives, to another power outside of us.

This full moon is a shadow clearing bold look at how we tend to our inner authority and how much we honor or dishonor our own inner Saturn, versus how much we project this Saturnian Authority outside onto other sources and what is the bare bones’ truth and outcome of our placement of authority?  Can we upgrade and bring our authority inside? How can we more deeply honor our own inner authority?   What is our plan? How do we plan so we can be nurtured and nurture those we love around us?

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December 26, 2020 – The Heart Heals in Mysterious Ways

Last night late in America, early this morning for Europe, SUN SQUARE CHIRON opened up a can of heart healing.  So the heart heals in mysterious ways. Unexpectedly, old wounds are touched like hot plates we forgot were there and wish the great mother would have moved them off our heart-counter-top, long ago. But there they are again, abandoned old places of pain, coming to visit for a drink of healing water, and we don’t have to even give the water, it comes from rain, unexpected glasses of water others hand us, some kind of mysterious fabric-of-life-elixir comes through hands, hearts, leaves, wind, sun, sound, and suddenly, something is mending. Something is shifting.

The heart is ALIVE, and SOMETHING is happening when we are HEALING. IT is a MYSTERIOUS and WONDEROUS process.

As we traverse the CHRISTMAS HEALING HEART WINDOW, we may feel surreal, moved, deep, and revelatory insight abounds.

Continuing on the Deep Heart Healing Window, light still shining through the Christmas Portal, MOON TRINE PLUTO [3:32 am pst/ 4:32 am mst/ 5:32 am cst/ 6:32 am est/12:32 pm in Europe] opens the healing heart portal even further.

MOON enters Gemini [3:32 pm pst/ 4:32 pm mst/ 5:32 pm cst/ 6:32 pm est] now the talking is activated in the healing heart portal and we can all express something we could not express before. Into words with the Healing Heart Portal Magic.

MOON TRINE SATURN [5:41 pm pst/ 6:41 pm mst/ 7:41 pm cst/ 8:41 pm est] offers more stability, needed grounding, nourishment if we stir it into that. We can rest upon the earth under our feet, nomatter what is happening, the earth under our feet, and under each one’s feet, is our healing mama.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [6:54 pm pst/ 7:54 pm mst/ 8:54 pm cst/ 9:54 pm est/ Sun morning in Europe] brings the insight, revelations and expansion after a deep healing process.


May we accept the wisdom of our own heart healing.

December 25, 2020 – Merry Christmas – Chiron Square Sun – Healing Work

This Christmas MOON is in earthly Taurus, after a wild activating ride through Aries! Taurus is grounded and calming to the Aries fire.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:10 pm pst/ 5:10 pm mst/ 6:10 pm cst/ 7:10 pm est/ 1:10 am Sat morn in Europe] gives us a flowing morning.

SUN SQUARE CHIRON [11:37 pm pst/ 12:37 am late night mst/ 1:37 am late night cst/ 2:37 am early Sat morn EST/ 8:37 am Sat in Europe] late Friday night takes us on a healing journey into Saturday morning. This square asks us to work toward a healing for ourselves and others. We may feel something causes us to feel a lot, feeling into the places in us that are most painful are also most meaningful. The pain leads us to power when we keep following it. What is this? What does it ask for? What is it saying?

May this powerful new energy, and all that it asks of us–heal ourselves of the deepest pains? Ask why they pain and offer healing elixirs of self love. The Christ energy is alive and available may we drink it in and gift it out. Merry Christmas–so much love to you!