December 2, 2020 – StarWeatherWhale Reborn: On the way to Winter Solstice 2021

Dear Readers.

I had said goodbye and buried StarWeatherWhale after there was an update needed by the host to continue, and the host had disappeared. I thought it was “gone forever,” then recently went a few steps forward and a web expert offered a solution. Two days ago, the site was lassoed from the old non-responsive (dead) host to a new one! A TRUE ECLIPSE REBIRTH!

StarWeatherWhale sort of like almost “got the corona shut down bug,” as I could not post after the last post in spring of 2020. The site has JUST been recovered! Welcome back Whale! 🌟 🐳

Today, we are still in the wake of a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (exact Monday morning)–a power strong enough to usher crossings: in and out of the veils of time. Eclipses can be catalytic shift points. We are still in the 3 days post eclipse one and heading for eclipse two: a New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec. 14th. (In 12 days).

We have a few breaths in between eclipses. Then more radical shifting begins as the ancients always said: “10 days before the eclipse.” Saturday, we enter back into shifting eclipse sands of change, toward the coming new moon solar eclipse.

Today, MOON in mama Cancer is a watery hug in a time of great change.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [10 am pst/ 11 am mst/ 12 noon cst/ 1pm est/ 9 pm Europe] invites the little synchronicities that remind us we are connected beyond the veil.

MOON TRINE VENUS [11:42 pm pat/12:42 am (late night)mst/ 1:42 am late night cst/ 2:42 am late night est/ 10:42 am Thursday morn: Europe] offers beauty, joy, pleasure and soulful appreciation of each other and life. Venus is in Scorpio, in love with depth of soul.

Winter Solstice this year, features a rare SATURN CONJUNCT JUPITER in Aquarius. This conjunction symbolizes the true “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius.

NOTE : Thank you to any of you still receiving blogs through RSS Feedburner after all this time! πŸ˜‰πŸ’—πŸŒŸ

My Astrology business is being restructured! The wolf pack has interfered over the last seven years. This is another rebirth with more team support, thanks to a team called Paradise Syndicate!

READINGS : mornings & evenings. Sliding scale: $70-$150 includes looking at the full year ahead with your Soul’s Purpose in mind.

2 Replies to “December 2, 2020 – StarWeatherWhale Reborn: On the way to Winter Solstice 2021”

  1. Welcome back. I kept on checking your site to see how you and the wolf pack were doing. Blessings to your tech-helper. I’m happy for you but not more happy than you are. Happy Rebirth of the website! Stay Safe and Be Well.

    1. Dear Nora,
      Thank you! I am happy to be back! I missed you all too! Yes it was an interesting journey through politics and a break for the corona-virus, even thought I should have been immune in my business! It was definately a mythic transition for all of us of SATURN/PLUTO reset of one kind or another! Bless you!

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