April 7, 2020 – FULL MOON in the Healing Revolution

This FULL MOON, in Libra, across from an Aries SUN, reminds us of all the ancient battles, and all the ancient partnerships. Is it fight/flight or mend/befriend? This is the realm of Libra to Aries Axis. Libra likes to mend n befriend, while Aries will fight or flight.


The current events are giving us the “dramatic playing field,” to work out all these things: on the ground floor–SATURN with PLUTO, (AUTHORITY and POWER.) together.

Mars, with the Aries Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron are all big players in this Corona Saga, along with those major award winning playwrights this year of POWER and AUTHORITY. Jupiter is bringing the DIVINE aspect of all this, and CHIRON is both the name of the corporation that patented “the corona virus,” and the main player having us all focus on where we stand with healing, (authority and power) in healing.

Tuesday’s ascent into the FULL MOON carried sextiles MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO, talking to power–especially our own on the way to the FULL MOON PEAK, Tuesday evening [7:35 pm pdt/ 8:35 pm mdt/ 9:35 pm cdt/ 10:35 pm edt]

on Wednesday, April 8th, on the descent following the FULL MOON, the day is filled with SQUARES and a MOON OPPOSITE URANUS at 10 pm pdt. This is revolution territory. (an inner revolution)–as the moon points deep within our feeling nature.

Meanwhile MARS SEXTILE CHIRON 10:23 am pdt, offers a conversation that is about taking positive action, in the face of the most difficult thing in the whole world–our pain point. When Chiron is involved, GIVING is almost always better than RECEIVING. So its a good day for actions that are healing for others, that then are also healing for us.

The square’s post full moon, may have us feeling tired of the tension. However Squares are good work tests, to put ourselves in acts of true service, to build something that we believe in or to work hard in response to something we love or support.

Today is a work day in the psyche. Its a work day for the revolution within and without. May we do the good work of the FULL MOON, in the midst of the healing crisis of all the wounds in AUTHORITY and POWER. We are healing the authority and power issues. May they and we mend well and may we be wise.

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