March 19, 2020 – Spring Equinox into Creation

MOON SQUARE URANUS  early this morning [3:04 am pdt/ 4:04 am mdt/ 5:04 am cdt/ 6:04 am edt] in the Aquarian sign squaring the Aquarian ruler, we have community work before us. Where is OUR community? Where would we go if we needed to go to a place where we could live, nomatter what happened? Where and With Whom? And how do we truly wish to live in this world? What is “the new world,” we are creating out of the ashes of the old?

SUN SEXTILE SATURN [4:50 pm pdt/ 5:50 pm mdt/ 6:50 pm cdt/ 7:50 pm edt] in the rising solar cycle of out SUN, SATURN asks for care, responsibility and a re-negotiation of our systems.

SUN enters Aries (EQUINOX POINT) [at 8:49 pm pdt/ 9:49 pm mdt/ 10:49 pm cdt/ 11:49 pm edt] for an official “nudge” into spring, as the fire of new beginnings burns bright and light in our soul. Light warriors are ignited and Mars energy, of LIFE is stirring within every creature.

May we not be distracted by anything outside of us, from creating the beautiful vision that comes from within us, about how we would like to live. May we be firm in vision, and unwilling to experience anything less beautiful. May we call in the new world we choose during this powerful creation time of the next two weeks.

MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO on Sunday March 22nd. 3-22-2020 is a powerful day of action. May we act according to our innate intelligence and not with fear. May we be clear and instinctive like nature, in our actions. Mars is the “wild knowledge of nature” within us. PLUTO is pure power. This is a potent day! May we focus our power and not be unclear or allow our power to be usurped by the drama’s or schemes of others. Only in its misuse may this power create war or fear based drama’s. May we be firm (like Saturn) and guide our thoughts and actions with the Love of our creator. POWER comes in spiritual power and in the power of the heart. Manipulative power is the least of them all. May we not turn ourselves over to any manipulative powers on this day, may we be clear about our creation for the now and future. May we know and act on our power–whatever our inner wisdom tells us. May we be wise in focus.

. . . . . .
Author’s Note:
I have been in a deeper state of reflection and meditation since Mercury went Retrograde, even though it came out, it is still crossing the degrees over which it retrograded. It will be completely out of the Retrograde (9 week period including the 3 weeks shadow before and the 3 week unwinding after) In Pisces, this is an extremely spiritual retrograde, asking us to gain intimacy with our creator.

During this time of inner work (being inside our homes more) I am offering readings for $1.25 per minute for questions you may have. I have done a lot of inner research listening to what is going on and am happy to share what I feel happening. Prayers for the dissolution and the reconfiguration of the systems in our world–from corruption to integrity. Text: 505-226-3382 to connect about your quick questions reading. 

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