January 28, 2020 – Day Work on Change into Magical Evening

is still in Pisces, connecting with the SATURN PLUTO conjunction in Capricorn. These signs together can make music or create form right from the invisible energies.

MOON SQUARE MARS [1:30 am pst/ 2:30 am mst/ 3:30 am cst/ 4:30 am cst/ 5:30 am est] is a corner of action. We are in action. We know what actions to take, they act THROUGH us. Divine Will acts Through us. We are Divine Will Acting today.

[1:34 am pst/ 2:34 am mst /3:34 am cst/ 4:44 am est] is a drop into our river again. Toss in the raft, jump in and flow! See who is in there today with us and celebrate. For with a NEPTUNE aspect we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. Its time to . . . gather ourselves together, banish the word struggle from our attitude and our vocabulary. We Are The ones We’ve Been Waiting For.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:34 am pst/ 3:34 am mst/ 4:34 am cst/ 5:34 am est] is a corner of emotional process. May it be wise.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [3:02 am pst/ 4:02 am mst/ 5:02 am cst/ 6:02 am est] is a sweetness within that percolates out into beauty love and good food!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [2:21 pm pst/ 3:21 pm mst/ 4:21 pm cst/ 5:21 pm est] deepens–and gives a choice of the higher path of soul or the lower path of fear. May we rise above fear and into our soul flags flying.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [5:06 pm pst/ 6:06 pm mst/ 7:06 pm cst/ 8:06 pm est] is a connection with our work path. SATURN and PLUTo will be together all year REVOLUTIONIZING many things and creating an atmosphere of potential tests, fears or limitations to overcome as we step by step the work we know we are doing and need to do now. The work that is truly ours. We know what that work is! This is the year to be doing it!


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