MOON is in Leo, just after the FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Cancer. And we are purging things that are of the past, old forms, and letting go of old systems for new ones.

MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN [1:51 am pst/ 2:51 am mst/ 3:51 am cst/ 4:51 am est] opens this power day with the communicator on the planet of STRUCTURE, FORM, and thoughts into form.

MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO [2:14 pm pst/ 3:14 pm mst/ 4:14 pm cst/ 5:14 pm est] is the communicator and thinker connecting directly with POWER. How are we seeing, expressing and experiencing our own Power? Can we upgrade?

SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO [6:58 am pst/ 7:58 am mst/ 8:58 am cst/ 9:58 am est] is a reset on our structured use of our power. This means all the systems, habits, beliefs and ways that we perceive and orient ourselves to our lives and have influence and ability to do that which we think we desire, and choose–this is a day to RESET and RENEW the systems and structures of power in our personal life and collective life.

This SATURN-PLUTO CONJUNCTION is a power conjunction which identifies and describes a theme of 2020, as well as completing deep work we did all throughout 2019. This is the end and beginning of our work. Its a time of systems renewal and rebirth.

Author’s Note:
COSMIC MEDICINE – radio podcast with the weekly weather will be here tomorrow morning.
READINGS: available January Only

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