December 31, 2019 – Decade crossing into 2020!

This is an exciting time, not only because we are crossing into 2020 and leaving the number and year of 2019, but also we are traversing, DECADES! WOO HOO! we enter a new Decade! As we enter 2020 we enter a decade of SOULWORK! That’s Right! This SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION coming January 12th is like a summary of the whole year and the whole decade–and real oracles are often simple and micro-to-macro-cosmic that way!

So consider this January 12th as an important cycle market in the true and real manifestation of our deepest soul’s desires, as a result of our own industry, commitment, time and energy. Whatever is “our work,” whatever we’ve been up to these last years and this last year–the rubber meets the 3-D road this year with the SATURN PLUTO energy.

Our soul work can be illusive, can be something we “seek,” and find or not, we’re in it–that is our true soul’s work. If we feel we are “not in it,” and are experiencing external authority issues, or power struggles where we feel that we are not in charge of our own destiny, or our own focus–if this doesn’t feel right–we will be feelin it during these eclipses and through this whole lunar cycle. Trust the feelings is even more important during an elipse time, which this crossing the year 2019 to 2020 is also crossing between two eclipses, a solar on Christmas just passed, and the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on January 10th.

As you can see, the purge of the eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer areas are redesigning our work and homelife ways and places of being. We are the real redesigners so if we feel we are not the ones designing, we need to get in the drivers seat in this next week or month, and especially year.

SATURN and PLUTO will be an overiding theme for all of 2020, in the best way. We partner with each other, with the earth, in 2020, as the numbers also speak–Partnerships of all kinds, in business, in commitments to health or excersize, all kinds of partnerships can serve us as sources of both discipline and inspiration.  (both important qualities to be cultivating in these crossing times with SATURN and PLUTO here).

On this NEW YEARS EVE amidst all this eclipse purge, new calendar year, and baby solar year growing in light, we see a gentle wise Pisces MOON finishing the year SEXTILE (in fine relationship with the SUN). This gentle archetype like a soft winter breeze, is a sign of partnerships of all kinds, being a source of light in the dawning of this new decade. Sextiles (though the name implies more), actually thrive on friendships. These fuel health and wellbeing in 2020. Partnerships in business and change are good for all of us in these transitional times great and small!

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [4:15 pm pst/ 5:15 pm mst/ 6:15 pm cst/ 7:15 pm est] reminds us we are part of larger dances, larger cosmic cycles, and a larger collective movement of people, thought, and stories we share back and forth across fluid airwaves like Neptune we ride these waves of emotion and interaction socially–through time–especially today.

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