December 28, 2019 – Love the Freedom from the past

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:32 am pst/ 3:32 am mst/ 4:32 am cst/ 5:32 am est] offers an awakening corner of remembering to forget the past. Sometimes its uncomfortable to realize we are walking away from the past, or that it is falling away or that “things will never be the same again,” and its appropriate at these times of great change like now–on multiple levels, big and little–to feel these resistances to letting go of the past or resistance to moving into the future–mostly because its unknown. Sometimes we resist what is UNKNOWN. May we do the work to cross the threshold of the unknown that we are currently crossing!

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [6:07 pm pst/ 7:07 pm mst/ 8:07 pm cst/ 9:07 pm est] is a sweet conjunction on a Saturday evening where we finally reach the wisdom of loving the journey, loving where we are, loving the unknown threshold we are crossing and able to do the work of crossing it. We have the power of love, the strength to move into what we know we are moving into, and yet the unknowns flash, pulsing the resistance of our “human wants to know it all.”

When we love where we are, its ok to look ahead and not know where we are going exactly. We can follow the inner drive toward where we “know” from within, we are going. The year ushers us into the new unseen future.

MERCURY enters Capricorn [8:55 pm pst/ 9:55 pm mst/ 10:55 pm cst/ 11:55 pm est] for a mind that can do contracts and reality better than any other mind. This is a good time for organizing and planning the year ahead.

Author’s Notes: 

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