December 26, 2019 – E.T. “Home” Home, Home . . .

The “Bonfire of the Past,” continues through the Solar and Lunar Eclipses! The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE will follow the SOLAR ECLIPSE of CHRISTMAS, on January 10th at 11:11 am pst. (1/10/2020 is a very powerful SHIFT PORTAL–as I call it–of energy) The eclipses emphasize caring for what we love the most, humility and simplicity. 

MOON in Capricorn SEXTILE NEPTUNE in Pisces is the only aspect today at [7:23 pm pst/ 8:23 pm mst/ 9:23 pm cst/ 10:23 pm est]. Just after a Solar Eclipse, this can feel like “ET Phone Home!” ET Phone Home .

. . . Earth Calling God     

or God calling Earth, 

or all of the above at once.

Blessed Holy Days of Hannukah and the changing of the years, eclipses that transform everyone amidst it all!