December 25, 2019 – On a Starry Night: Bonfire of the Past

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [3:18 am pst/ 4:18 am mst/ 5:18 am cst/ 6:18 am est] elicits the geometric alignments in time that communicate cosmos to flower. Communication is in the elemental fabric today as the heavens have a date with earth. (This aspect sends MOON into VOID until 1:45 pm pst.

MOON enters Capricorn [1:45 pm pst/ 2:45 pm mst/ 3:45 pm cst/ 4:45 pm est] the sign of the master builder.

Annular Solar Eclipse [6:29 pm pst/7:29 pm mst/ 8:29 pm cst/ 9:29 pm est] is a moment to meditate upon our interconnection with elemental and divine forces of life–receiving their grace. MOON TRINE URANUS [8:45 pm pst/ 9;45 pm mst/ 10:45 pm cst/ 11:45 pm est] in this eclipse opening of christed heart ❤️ awakening, the electricity in the air may be tangible and the magic in the ethers is brimming. May we feel the overflowing treasure chest of grace ; handling the details of what we care about.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON [9:13 pm pst/ 10:13 pm mst/ 11:13 pm cst/ 12:13 am late night, est] is like an inner birth of our own sacred Carpinter of life.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [11:29 pm pst/ 12:29 am late night mst/ 1:29 am late night cst/ 2:29 am est] allies the eclipse with the expansions and good energy of Jupiter.

Merry Christmas 🎄 to all those who celebrate it; and a powerful crossing of the year!

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