December 21, 2019 – Evening Winter Solstice Crossing, Compost Day; Prepare your Heart-Seeds

Coming to the very last day of the Solar Year. We are witnessing this last year with the reflective wisdom of a regenerative wizard. Today, being the very last day of a solar year–has produced for us “fruits,” and expressions of our intentions. How close or far was our experience last year with what we intend, what we would carefully design?

This is compost day.
We compost the mishaps, misunderstandings, mis-manifestations, or sufferings of the last year. Compost them into learnings, and readiness to fill new seeds with heart light. To set new intentions, new dream-intent-seedlings, is perhaps our most powerful work for the year ahead. This is the fertile moment of crossing between the culmination of last year, and the planting of the new year. The new planting, the moment of the returning of the first light, leading to returning of the light every day after.

VENUS SEXTILE CHIRON [3:14 am pst/ 4:14 am mst/ 5:14 am cst/ 6:14 am est] is the influence of divine feminine healing on the darkest day of the solar year. In the composting time, the outbreath, of the year we complete is healing. May we contemplate our harvest and the renewal of our seeds.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [3:45 am pst/ 4:45 am mst/ 5:45 am cst/ 6:45 am est] is a harmonious dancing sun and moon as we cross the years.

MOON enters Scorpio [4:57 am pst/ 5:57 am mst/ 6:57 am cst/ 7:57 am est] in the deep sign of transformation, catharsis and rebirth. This is the rebirthing time.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [7:51 am pst/ 8:51 mst/ 9:51 cst/ 10:51 est] Scorpio to Aquarius is a dialogue and some work between Shamanic feminine and Tech Feminine. May their work bring balance to all worlds.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUSĀ [9:46 am pst/ 10:46 am mst/ 11:46 am cst/ 12:46 pm est] is a good active aspect for a resurrection, or death and prep for rebirth.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITERĀ [12:20 pm pst/ 1:20 pm mst/ 2:20 pm cst/ 3:20 pm est] offers an expansion from within, an awareness, an insight or ability to expand to a wider place from which our next year can bloom from better soil that we prepare in our consciousness tonight.

THE WINTER SOLSTICE POINT is this evening at [8:19 pm pst/ 9:19 pm mst/ 10:19 pm cst/ 11:19 pm est] It is called the “first day of winter,” and yet from my astrological perspective its the very MIDDLE POINT of the winter.

Tomorrow is the day new seeds are planted in the field of our consciousness that we share with the Sun and its evolving light to fruition for next year.

May your new seeds be filled with your heartlight ready to plant into the emerging solar new year.