December 19, 2019 – Waning Energy, Year Closing

In the last few days of the solar year, the MOON light is also waning. These are deep rest and meditation times. Completing the old solar cycle is a deep breathing job.
MOON TRINE VENUS [12:07 AM PST/1:07 AM MST/2:07 AM CST/8:07 AM EST] Feminine creativity abounds in the dark womb of the new year coming! She’s fertile and percolating on new life!

MARS SEXTILE SATURN [2 AM PST/3 AM MST/4 AM CST/5 AM EST] makes for good planning for next year.

MOON enters LIbra [2:04 AM PST/3:04 AM MST/4:04 am cst /5:04 AM EST] airy energy gives us enthusiasm in our friendships like candles in the dark.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [8:34 AM PST/9:34 AM MST/10:34 AM CST/11:34 AM EST] makes our work to expand, let in the light and celebrate, even in the low energy days.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE [8:19 PM PST/9:19 PM MST/10:19 PM CST/11:19 PM EST] means the less words the better sometimes, a river of meditation, song, or inner work may be what is called for!

VENUS enters Aquarius [10:41 PM PST/11:41 PM MST/12:39 AM late night CST/1:39 AM late night EST] joining the moon in air. Lightning up the shortest days and the crossing of the year! Time to make community art


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