December 18, 2019 – End of Cycle Transition to lowest energy week of year

 MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [2:29 am pst/ 3:29 am mst/ 4:29 am cst/ 5:29 est] is a big water aspect, pre-dawn.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [8:14 am pst/ 9:14 am mst/ 10:14 am cst/ 11:14 am est] is peaceful actions in the bottom of the year.

MOON TRINE SATURN [8:56 am pst/ 9:56 am mst/ 10:56 am cst/ 11:56 am est] Grounding with bare feet on the earth is the medicine of the week.

[12:29 pm pst/ 1:29 pm mst/ 2:29 pm cst/ 3:29 pm est] trining the ongoing SATURN/PLUTO tightening aspect. Our soul’s work in the world is coming closer to us–it is a time of meditation and focus on our soul’s newest incarnation of way of working and sharing itself. There is deep work re-alignment occuring.

MOON SQUARE SUN [8:57 pm pst/ 9:57 pm mst/ 10:57 am cst/ 11:57 am est] is the third quarter square settling us into the waning last week of the lunar cycle, before the SOLAR ECLIPSE on Christmas, and the last solar week of the year. We are in the three darkest days at the very end of the solar year. May we rest, nourish, and release the old ways.

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