December 12, 2019 – VOID Morning, CHIRON DIRECT, Healing Goes Forward Day

MOON is in the VOID between FULL-MOON sign of Gemini and upcoming soft mothering Cancer.

VOID for the morning, making it a slow soft morning, MOON enters Cancer leaving the VOID, at [3:23 pm pst/ 4:23 pm mst/ 5:23 pm cst /6:23 pm est] This mothering energy in the enlivening FULL MOON light, unwinding now, is a nurturing space for the Wounded Healer CHIRON to shift and go forward today at 6:28 pm pst/ 7:28 pm mst/ 8:28 pm cst/ 9:28 pm est] bringing our vulnerable animal part to our surface of awareness as this part of our psyche has a movement shift, retro to forward.

These cycles encourage health in us like the currents in oceans. Our wounded healer self can have deep outbreath in any “waiting,” or backwards motion or deep diving, its time to move forward now and we can simply ride the healing river as it turns tide.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [7:33 pm pst/ 8:33 pm mst/ 9:33 am cst/ 10:33 am est] is an expansion of the spirit. As the MOON enters the sign of the mother, there is more life force offered in response from the fabric of life.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [8:43 pm pst/ 9:43 pm mst/ 10:43 pm cst/ 11:43 est] is an effervescent ability to bubble like soda when its full of oxygen and the life of a soda–it bubbles. This is the ability for each of us to bubble like a bubbly beverage.

May it be a beautiful awareness-bringing evening, there’s genius in the air.
. . . . . .

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