December 8, 2019 – Earth Based Revolution

Predawn, SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE [1:00 am pst/ 2:00 am mst/ 3:00 am cst/ 4:00 am est] may be our work in a watery dreamstate, addressing ourselves in the deep ocean.

This early Sunday morning starts with dynamic energy.  MOON TRINE JUPITER [1:58 am pst/ 2:58 am mst/ 3:58 am cst/ 4:58 am est] expansion invited into the day very early. This is a good day for our spiritual practice work!

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [5:34 am pst/ 6:34 am mst/ 7:34 am cst/ 8:34 am est] is the indicator for a revolution. This is a vibrant magical energy emerging from the solid earthy realms of Taurus!

VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE [1:48 pm pst/ 2:48 pm mst/ 3:48 pm cst/ 4:48 pm est] is a sweet surrender and touching into the beauty in the world. Music, art and the love of life are moving through each of us today in this revolution in the earth Sunday.

JUPITER SQUARE CHIRON [8:27 pm pst/ 9:27 pm mst/ 10:27 pm cst/ 11:27 pm est] is a healing challenge asking us to stretch, stretch stretch, open our comfort zone and step beyond it. Its healing to stretch beyond our comfort zone. The stretch lets water and light in. All the things that create new life!

Author’s Note: We will have a gift for you later this evening. (check the facebook wall for Star Weather Whale for details later). 

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