December 7, 2019 – Work in our Personal Industriousness

This is a day with working aspects in a VOID. An unusual kind of work day. (even though its a saturday, the themes of our work and industriousness are at play)

MOON SQUARE SATURN [1:05 am pdt/ 2:05 am mst/ 3:05 am cst/ 4:05 am est] opens the day working on something important.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [7:01 am pst/ 8:01 am mst/ 9:01 am cst/ 10:01 am est] offers work that is soulwork. We are meeting the SATURN-PLUTO aspect that is coming closer and closer together until springtime.

This SATURN and PLUTO coming closer together is creating a kind of “pressure to do our right work.” This pressure increases as we come closer to the actual conjunction in the Springtime 2020.

MOON enters the VOID for the rest of the day with the MOON SQUARE PLUTO.

MOON enters Taurus at [11:29 pm pst/ 12:29 am late night mst/ 1:29 am late night cst/ 2:29 am est] for an earthy Sunday with a revolution and awakening from the earth out. (every time the MOON transits Taurus, its crossing Uranus there).


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