December 2, 2019 – VOID MOON ; Solutions to Problems and Music in Our Ears

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [4:27 am pst/ 5:27 am mst/ 6:27 am cst/ 7:27 am est] is the last aspect this morning before sending the MOON into the VOID for the day. The square brings tension in communications. Problems to solve.

In a VOID MOON there’s a slippery energy. Something that is a little between the worlds, and a little in between energies. Todays MOON VOID is between Aquarius and Pisces. These void moons are good days to redo the things that need redoing and save new things for tomorrow.

JUPITER enters Capricorn [10:20 am pst/ 11:20 am mst/ 12:20 pm cst/ 1:20 pm est] from Sagittarius, offering upliftment in the Earth area of Capricorn which has had PLUTO sitting in it, catharting our ideas about the earth plane, and the way authority and power works down here. New insights and expansions are coming in the area of our infrastructure, the ground we walk upon and the way we perceive the physical world. We are uplifting our beliefs about reality during this Jupiter transit through Capricorn. What we believe matters. Its time for upgrades!

MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO [9:22 pm pst/ 10:22 pm mst/ 11:22 pm cst/ 12:22 pm est] offers the power our communications can have in its higher states and the impact of hardship on our humility and presence.

MOON enters Pisces [11:10  pm pst/12:10 am late night mst/ 1:10 am late night cst/ 2:10 am late night est] Pisces is a musical sign. it is the place where the music of the spheres can be heard. With Jupiter in Capricorn and MOON entering Pisces, we have the setup for beautiful music or music “to our ears.”

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [11:25 pm pst/ 12:25 am late night mst /1:25 am late night cst/ 2:25 am late night est] makes beautiful music late at night on a Monday night. Our ability to create the magic we desire is expanding.

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