November 27, 2019 – Divine New Moon Quiet Upward Flow

MOON in Sagittarius SQUARE NEPTUNE in PIsces in a directional shift. There’s the feeling of a big shift of the big river today.

NEPTUNE is moving forward now as of [4:32 am pdt/ 5:32 am mdt/ 6:32 am cdt/ 7:32 am edt] with the watery flow of unconscious, of social opinion, of things that are larger than the small self, larger energies that are Divinely Driven. Time to jump in the river now that its flowing forward!

May the ride in the river be fun and celebratory! May we handle the food we eat with reverence and care, attention and aware. 

November 26, 2019 – NEW MOON in Sagittarius! NEPTUNE DIRECT tomorrow!

MOON enters Sagittarius while we sleep, preparing to begin a new lunar cycle early this morning![12:11 am pdt/ 1:11 am mdt/ 2:11 am cdt/ 3:11 am edt]

NEW MOON in Sagittarius [7:06 am pdt/ 8:06 am mdt/ 9:06 am cdt/ 10:06 am edt] brings in the celebratory energy of the community fiery creative worldly Sagittarius!

VENUS SQUARE CHIRON [10:28 pm pdt/ 11:28 pm mdt/ 12:28 am cdt/ 1:28 am edt] is a radical healing aspect for each one to discover what the body’s healing calls are saying. There is a self-healing call to attention. May we listen.

Planet NEPTUNE is slowing down from its summer season retrograde, to go DIRECT tomorrow early morning. When a planet like NEPTUNE changes directions, we often feel it with a plethora of watery experience. Emotional energy is very big today due to the combination of VENUS SQUARE CHIRON and NEPTUNE changing to go direct from retrograde tomorrow morning. The slowing down causes a watery response in the process.

Quiet inventive New Moon Blessings to you! 

November 25, 2019 – Rest, Self Care and Completion

MOON in Scorpio TRINE NEPTUNE [12:27 am pdt/ 1:27 am mdt/ 2:27 am cdt/ 3:27 am edt] brings in the water in the middle of the night. With Dark Moon, NEPTUNE is supporting us to receive the fluid meditational presence of the dark time of the lunar cycle.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:59 am pdt/ 3:59 am mdt/ 4:59 am cdt/ 5:59 am edt] offers sweet grounding in the dark of the moon. Energy is low, rest is called for, and SATURN is here to rest upon.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [9:30 am pdt/ 10:30 am mdt/ 11:30 am cdt/ 12:30 pm edt] sends the MOON into the VOID in the morning/early afternoon. This VOID today is a power void of receiving the correct aligned powers of the universe into our being and consciousness.

MOON is VOID until just after midnight pacific time. This is a good time to complete things that need completing or to return or reorganize our Calendars.

VENUS enters Capricorn [at 4:28 pm pdt/ 5:28 pm mdt/ 6:28 pm cdt/ 7:28 pm edt] bringing more joy to the organizing and re-aligning of the Calendar and structure of the year ahead. Our time structuring can become an art that is done each in our own way!

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS [5:59 pm pdt/ 6:59 pm mdt/ 7:59 pm cdt/ 8:59 pm edt] Our creative power, light and genius is on the move, inventing things in our unconscious and expanding our consciousness! We may not know exactly how to express this new genius and expansion yet, but that will come.

May this DARK MOON day be a restful day of meditative contact with the divine and a pleasant reorganizing of time as Mercury is weaving back together these days. From our undoing we are now redoing. May the recreation be an upgrade. Deep blessings in the soulful Dark Moon time.

NEW MOON is tomorrow at 7:06 am pdt. 

November 24, 2019 – Expansion, Darkness, Meditation, Preparing for Resurrection

It is the Dark of the Moon, at the end of a wild Scorpio cycle.
[3:36 am pdt/ 4:36 am mdt/ 5:36 am cdt/ 6:36 am edt] bringing us to active closure and action on projects that have been unfolding in our shadows, our secret chambers, and our deep soul longings.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [3:51 am pdt/ 4:51 am mdt/ 5:51 am cdt/ 6:51 edt] reveals a vital revolutionary spirit of the ancient human heart awakening. Uranus in Taurus is challenging us to change rapidly as changes are happening in areas that used to be stable (Taurian areas)–are now in radical shifting.

VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER [5:33 am pdt/ 6:33 am mdt/ 7:33 am cdt/ 8:33 am edt] is a communication between our creative part and our expanding part of self. We are on earth to expand our consciousness, perhaps even to expand the capacity of our own DNA. May we open to the expanded support that is here for each of us, and see it, to receive it!

MARS OPPOSITE URANUS [8:51 am pdt/ 9:51 am mdt/ 10:51 am cdt/ 11:51 am edt] is an awakened rising into action, is a meeting of the challenges before us, is a genius emerging with bags of wishes come true, it is the ability to act and be in ways that unfurl the future before us.

It is dark of the moon in the secret dark time of year before the holy day celebration time of humanity. There is one more lunar cycle before the NEW MOON ECLIPSE on Christmas, December 25th. The New Moon is on Tuesday, November 26th in Sagittarius.

SUN is now in Sagittarius, however MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY is in Scorpio at [7:50 pm pdt/ 8:50 pm mdt/ 9:50 pm cdt/ 10:50 pm edt]. We’ve entered the season and spirit of giving! And we are still working out all our deep resource issues. Unwinding the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

Mercury Retrograded through the power sign in the final of three water signs, Scorpio and has just recently gone direct. Mercury is currently at 12 degrees scorpio, and moving across the reweaving, revisiting, degrees of Scorpio through 27 degrees where Mercury first went Retrograde–this will end the whole cycle.  This final unfurling phase is the revelation and manifestation time in the whole nine week retrograde weaving with spirit experience.  This past year the three mercury Retrogrades were in Water signs, deepening our relationship with soul.

Mercury Retrograde This year and Next:
This has been a soul touching, soul expanding year, as Mercury has spun circles in our deep inner space of power, resource and our ability to die and be reborn by our creator, we go through this cycle, just like the seasons do. We have our own seasons. Each one of us.

We’ve been spinning self-learning-spirals around mothering, nourishment, collective spirituality, and true power–the truth, and the true sources of power and resource–during our year of mercury retrogrades. Next year, Mercury will be retrograding through the same mythic territory, again, with Retrograde cycles: Pisces in Feb/March, Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer in June/July, and Merc retrograde in Scorpio again next year in Oct/Nov.

Having experienced the syncronistic, potentially “off-map-territory,” this last year, we can be more ready for next year’s set of watery soulful retrogrades. They will deeply explore ourselves, in spirituality, with evolving our consciousness in the areas of empathy, emotional management and interpretation (merc retro in Pisces then Cancer); how we nourish ourselves and (merc retro in Scorpio): deep sources of power, how to resource what we need in the world.

May the journey be fulfilling all along the way!