November 26, 2019 – NEW MOON in Sagittarius! NEPTUNE DIRECT tomorrow!

MOON enters Sagittarius while we sleep, preparing to begin a new lunar cycle early this morning![12:11 am pdt/ 1:11 am mdt/ 2:11 am cdt/ 3:11 am edt]

NEW MOON in Sagittarius [7:06 am pdt/ 8:06 am mdt/ 9:06 am cdt/ 10:06 am edt] brings in the celebratory energy of the community fiery creative worldly Sagittarius!

VENUS SQUARE CHIRON [10:28 pm pdt/ 11:28 pm mdt/ 12:28 am cdt/ 1:28 am edt] is a radical healing aspect for each one to discover what the body’s healing calls are saying. There is a self-healing call to attention. May we listen.

Planet NEPTUNE is slowing down from its summer season retrograde, to go DIRECT tomorrow early morning. When a planet like NEPTUNE changes directions, we often feel it with a plethora of watery experience. Emotional energy is very big today due to the combination of VENUS SQUARE CHIRON and NEPTUNE changing to go direct from retrograde tomorrow morning. The slowing down causes a watery response in the process.

Quiet inventive New Moon Blessings to you! 

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