November 25, 2019 – Rest, Self Care and Completion

MOON in Scorpio TRINE NEPTUNE [12:27 am pdt/ 1:27 am mdt/ 2:27 am cdt/ 3:27 am edt] brings in the water in the middle of the night. With Dark Moon, NEPTUNE is supporting us to receive the fluid meditational presence of the dark time of the lunar cycle.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:59 am pdt/ 3:59 am mdt/ 4:59 am cdt/ 5:59 am edt] offers sweet grounding in the dark of the moon. Energy is low, rest is called for, and SATURN is here to rest upon.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [9:30 am pdt/ 10:30 am mdt/ 11:30 am cdt/ 12:30 pm edt] sends the MOON into the VOID in the morning/early afternoon. This VOID today is a power void of receiving the correct aligned powers of the universe into our being and consciousness.

MOON is VOID until just after midnight pacific time. This is a good time to complete things that need completing or to return or reorganize our Calendars.

VENUS enters Capricorn [at 4:28 pm pdt/ 5:28 pm mdt/ 6:28 pm cdt/ 7:28 pm edt] bringing more joy to the organizing and re-aligning of the Calendar and structure of the year ahead. Our time structuring can become an art that is done each in our own way!

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS [5:59 pm pdt/ 6:59 pm mdt/ 7:59 pm cdt/ 8:59 pm edt] Our creative power, light and genius is on the move, inventing things in our unconscious and expanding our consciousness! We may not know exactly how to express this new genius and expansion yet, but that will come.

May this DARK MOON day be a restful day of meditative contact with the divine and a pleasant reorganizing of time as Mercury is weaving back together these days. From our undoing we are now redoing. May the recreation be an upgrade. Deep blessings in the soulful Dark Moon time.

NEW MOON is tomorrow at 7:06 am pdt. 

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