October 28, 2019 – The WORK of the SCORPIO New Moon and Cycle

SUN OPPOSITE URANUS [1:15 am pdt/ 2:15 am mdt/ 3:15 am cdt/ 4:15 am edt]is a radical opening for transformation, this day has opened up for each one uniquely! LIke the veils part and there’s something for us here. An opening–a new hand being offered by the invisible world. It may be shocking but its true! Help is here! (can we see it?)

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:19 pm pdt/ 3:19 pm mdt/ 4:19 pm cdt/ 5:19 pm edt] is a link of new authority. In the New Moon, of balancing power, there can be new gifts of power and authority arriving to do the job of balancing the old misuses that are dying and being checked off their timelimits. The old ways of doing SATURN and PLUTO are changing. We are upgrading the social software in how we do authority and power. This sextile touches us with the early new energy of new power and new authority.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [3:52 pm pdt/ 4:52 pm mdt/ 5:52 pm cdt/ 6:52 pm edt] is a fluid aspect that allows us to flow through changes, like a raft going around the rocks.

MARS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:57 pm pdt/ 9:57 pm mdt/ 10:57 pm cdt/ 11:57 pm edt] brings an action item to our flow. Actions require compromises. This is an aspect of compromise.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [11:32 pm pdt/ 12:32 am late night mdt/ 1:32 am late night cdt/ 2:32 am late night edt] brings the expanding early NEW MOON in contact with it’s source of POWER. This is an exciting time as we each connect with the new ways of doing power, and the new power sources. We are shifting ways and means of power and control, authority and ways of being with it. We are changing and CHainging, being given the power to break the old chains. Break the old patterns, Break anything holding us back from the new balanced power structures of the new era. Its coming. . .

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