October 27, 2019 – Dark Moon to New Moon in Scorpio in the Evening – Work area: MISUSED or UNUSED POWER EXPOSURE CYCLE

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [1:22 am pdt/ 2:22 am mdt/ 3:22 am cdt/ 4:22 am edt] is an expander energy in our small comfortable self, we are called to “expand,” while the energy is still contracting all around us.

MARS SQUARE SATURN [7:31 am pdt/ 8:31 am mdt/ 9:31 am cdt/ 10:31 am edt] is an active confronting energy that asks for change in misuse of authority. This is a piece of work related to what is our responsibility to take. There’s tension in our stepping in more fully to what we are called to do by Saturn, as SATURN moves toward its communion with PLUTO this upcoming spring, SATURN asks each of us to take reins of our authority and power and internalize them. Any external projection may be painful as the tightening occurs between POWER and AUTHORITY, til they are together.

MOON enters Scorpio [1:29 pm pdt/ 2:29 pm mdt/ 3:29 pm cdt/ 4:29 pm edt] preparing for a NEW MOON in Scorpio later in the evening. This is a re-emphasizing on POWER and CORRECT USE OF POWER versus MISUSE of POWER.

THe California fires and the PG & E response is a wonderful mythic example of “misuse of power,” literally, and the new ‘charge,’ for that area to “take back their power,” and remove PG&E from the roll of “providing power to the area,” and replace them or incorporate them with a more people-friendly version of running the power for citizens of Marin County and the Northern California Communities. This mythic display of “misuses of power,” is alive and we are each called to respond in the areas that are “our responsibility,” to balance these misuses of power. This is the POWER Scorpio lunar cycle we are entering and its important to take stock of where the power is and how we are managing ours in the face of the collective power potential misuses afoot for correction.

The above statement is worth repeating so you’ll see it again in blogs ahead.

URANUS is present in the backround as MOON CONJUNCTS SUN and the SCORPIO NEW MOON takes place at [8:38 pm pdt/ 9:38 pm mdt/ 10:38 pm cdt/ 11:38 pm edt] for an evening crossing, from the shadow clearing part of the Libra cycle to the New Beginning of the cycle on POWER. The last cycle was also related to power as PLUTO was and is still prominant, all the way through the spring and beyond–especially leading up to this spring.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [8:58 pm pdt/ 9:58 pm mdt/ 10:58 pm cdt/ 11:58 pm edt] is a secret to the cycle ahead. The invisible world is coming in. Whatever was “under the surface,” of power dynamics is coming up to be seen and balanced by all who witness.

May we witness and balance the Power Dynamics Well in these upcoming weeks. 


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