October 15, 2019 – Shadow of Mercury Retrograde

MOON is in Taurus, aspecting all the Scorpio planets.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [1:33 am pdt/ 2:33 am mdt/ 3:33 am cdt/ 4:33 am edt] awakens us with a charged atmosphere. light and action today.

MOON TRINE SATURN [1:44 pm pdt/ 2:44 pm mdt/ 3:44 pm cdt/ 4:44 pm edt] is a harmonious grounding aspect. With our feet on the ground, anything is possible. Earth under our feet is a manifestation readiness.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE [3:44 pm pdt/ 4:44 pm mdt/ 5:44 pm cdt/ 6:44 pm edt] is a fluid energy with the MERCURY that is now in Scorpio crossing over the retrograde degrees, that it will retrograde back over in November.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:23 pm pdt/ 6:23 pm mdt/ 7:23 pm cdt/ 8:23 pm edt] adds more water and fluidity to the day. We can “go with the flow.” and all will work out.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm cdt/ 8:33 pm edt] actativates a charged atmosphere related to the MERCURY that is in its SHADOW now. Meaning, last Saturday, MERCURY crossed over 11 degrees Scorpio, which is the degree that Mercury will retrograde back to, from its stationary Retrograde on Halloween at 27 degrees of Scorpio. Sometimes the shadow, crossing the degrees it will retrograde over soon, the pre-retrograde shadow can be felt with the slippery circular communications activations of MERCURY RETROGRADE.

May we see the divine circles that the sacred Mercury Retrograde in its final water sign retrograde this year in November is bringing us already in its pre-shadow. May the circular motion be our ally! Resuscitating and cleaning power from the past.

Author’s Note: I have a pdf info-download on MERCURY RETROGRADES in this year. I’ll try to make it available for download right here, however until I figure that tech piece out, e-mail me for the free download. covering Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in this final phase of the water retrogrades this year. I also have free courses and a weekly practice coming. Stay tuned!