October 14, 2019 – Radiant Power Shift

In line with the theme of SATURN and PLUTO coming closer through the spring, creating a Pressure Cooker for each of us, in our own stew of evolution, SUN SQUARES PLUTO today [12:36 am pdt/ 1:36 pm mdt/ 2:36 am cdt/ 3:36 pm edt] in a corner of our own inner light, coming into the work needed to make the power shifts needed for our life to be in alignment with a higher path, that we enjoy more!

MOON enters Taurus, [at 9:24 am pdt/ 10:24 am mdt/ 11:24 am cdt/ 12:24 pm edt] into earth in transformation, with Uranus overseeing there.  MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS [at 7:29 pm pdt/ 8:29 pm mdt/ 9:29 pm cdt/ 10:29 pm edt] for a revelatory renaissance of colorful us!

May we thrive on the color and invention that comes from within to without today in the Uranian wild energy. Nature is wild and so is Uranus, the cosmos has nature in everything, even in us–what does nature do in us today as its in a radical wow moment?