October 13, 2019 – FULL MOON in Aries

, across the Aries Libra axis, points to our experiences in relationships. This place of relating with others, often termed “the partnership and self area” Libra/Aries, brings up in our mind, how relationships have  been for us and how we are birthing our own life through each interaction. This FULL MOON takes place [at 2:08 pm pdt/ 3:08 pm mdt/ 4:08 pm cdt/ 5:08 pm edt]

There’s an over-riding story at play, underneath this full moon, that is a longer story-line, yet inescapable, this time period between now and Springtime. It is SATURN inching closer to PLUTO, pressuring us. These Saturn Pluto pressures are basic forces of authority and power that we either embody or give away. We either push into this conjunction as it comes, with our own force of intent, hard work and bringing something new into form, or we fall down under its pressure as victims, with a lack of focus. If we do not focus, focus, work, focus, focus, work, on what we love and for what we love during this tightening pressure manifestation power aspect, then we may be so uncomfortable under the pressure of it, that it squishes us.

We do not want to be squished, so it is important during the rest of this week, as the light of the FULL MOON in Aries/Libra is still lighting up the way before us, to cleanse the old ways of doing relationship, the disempowered, unhappy, or hurtful ways of the past.  We are inviting, embodying and calling forth, the new relationship models, interactive communications forms, and ways of refining the human experience through new forms. Because we are in a changing of era’s, modes and ways of being for humanity, the SATURN PLUTO speaks to this as a place of building new forms, however it is all based on how we do power and authority in order to do that.

Do we project authority outside of ourselves, where is it? Can we bring it in? How do we experience power in our lives? Is our power with others balanced? How can we balance our own power more?

What do we truly desire in the relationships around us–can we achieve it? What is needed?