October 11, 2019 – MOON VOID all day, heading toward a FULL MOON

¬†MOON SQUARE JUPITER¬†predawn, makes for a waking up feeling like there’s so much happening that we are called to expand beyond our old capacities, into new ones.

Today the MOON is VOID from [ 2:55 am pdt/ 3:55 am mdt/ 4:55 am cdt/ 5:55 am edt] MOON SEXTILES PLUTO, then goes VOID! This has us waking up into a VOID that is still related to our balancing our power in the world.

MOON enters ARIES, the sign of FULL MOON, [at 9:46 pm pdt/ 10:46 pm mdt/ 11:46 pm cdt/ 12:46 am late night edt] this ends the slippery VOID and brings us into the weekend!

This is a transition and completion day. In a VOID, its a good time to go back and do all the things that didn’t get done before.¬†(its not so good for new things, they may not have any traction).

FULL MOON is October 13th, 2019 – its an active FULL MOON with tests and the flowering of beauty and experience that can top our ideas of beauty and syncronicity. May we stay clear on our desired intentions and outcomes, especially during powerful times like this. This FULL MOON is partnership and self-focused. With PLUTO having just moved direct the OPPOSITION of the SUN and MOON in the FULL MOON of Libra/Aries, definately asks us to unwind the misuses of power in our relationships and put balancing power structures in place. Its a time of individuality, relationship and balancing these two. We are also “flowering” our self in relationship with others!