October 9, 2019 – Water Fluid Rising toward Fire Full Moon

As we continue with this “transition of era’s,” we less need to focus our attention on the things we used to. Our minds are rampant with unhealthy thoughts and doubts, fears and there are messages floating around both our minds and others that are just not healthy or necessary.

There is a “GREAT TEMPERING,” in process RIGHT NOW–as PLUTO and SATURN inch slowly in the same direction, both forward, however SATURN inch by inch, gets closer to PLUTO.
Our ability to formulate, intend, see structure, envision the next steps and the future, is in the success or failure of our own saturn initiative. Our ability to see POWER as between us an the fabric of life and not limit it in any other form, is PLUTO’s mastery place. To be able to have inner authority and inner power in alignment at this time–matters as these two giants of AUTHORITY (SATURN) and POWER (PLUTO). observe where the power is focused.

What do you believe is possible and where are the limitations located? How can you get beyond them? Are you aware of the realms of quantum physics? Can you allow the quantum leaps to occur in your own life? Its time for that level of responsabliity–for our beliefs and use of energy as “everything is possible,” in the power and manifestation connection coming–this spring, and right now as PLUTO and SATURN both move forward after “retrograde summers,” and we return to a working, schooling, fall of action and committments.

This ability to envision what we will do with our attention, our intention, our time, our energy and the interaction purely between ourselves and the energies and fabric of this world–is of utmost importance at this time through SPRING! (and beyond) there’s simply a test and portal of focus and manifestation as SATURN and PLUTO CONJUNCT this upcoming spring.

MOON enters PIsces [9:05 am pdt/ 10:05 am mdt/ 11:05 am cdt/ 12:05 pm edt] from yesterdays Aquarius plus Void. Its water and fluid energy weather.

MOON TRINE VENUS, [11:47 am pdt/ 12:47 pm mdt/ 1:47 pm cdt/ 2:47 pm edt] Pisces to Scorpio, offers the link between compassionate water and the power water. Scorpio as an energy can dip into shadow, misuses of power, as MOON in Pisces, the spiritual teacher of the zodiac, meets the power holder of the zodiac, in feminine presence, they can refine the way things are done–it can become more nourishing, gentle, and interconnected where connection serves the soul.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [7:55 pm pdt/ 8:55 pm mdt/ 9:55 pm cdt/ 10:55 pm edt] can be radical fun. The MOON is waxing, now on the light side of the cycle, heading toward a FULL MOON on October 13th–a FULL MOON in Aries. This will be the Libra/Aries axis. This axis will be an opportunity to light up and see what we are doing and what we intend in partnership, relationship and our own solo journey foot by foot–in reflection to our relations with others.

In the Jewish Calendar this is a time of surrendering everything to God and being cleansed and foregiven as we turn everything over to be seen and forgiven. (I appreciate all rituals that empower the soul, and cleansing rituals are especially powerful!) In the Jewish and Muslim calendars, its a new year now! I see this as an interesting time for a new year, as its a very feminine time of year, though not one of the solar peaks or valleys.

SUN INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:24 pm pdt/ 9:24 pm mdt/ 10:24 pm cdt/ 11:24 pm edt] is a late night swirl of Interesting Neptunian Creativity.