October 8, 2019 – Power Moving

PLUTO FRESHLY DIRECT still unfurling forward. Power restructuring issues abound. Since PLUTO went direct on October 2nd, we’ve all been feeling the expressions of power in its correct use and its misuse. We can see our ability to do PLUTO well, and the areas in our lives that need upgrades!

SUN TRINE MOON [2:20 am pdt/ 3:20 am mdt/ 4:20 am cdt/ 5:20 am edt] SUN in Libra and MOON in Aquarius: its an airy day of communications and community, and of the feminine supporting the masculine in the inner test of healing.

VENUS enters Scorpio [10 am pdt/ 11 am mdt/ 12 pm cdt/ 1 pm edt] for a deepening of our feminine experience. She is learning to have and hold her own power well. Her power is deeper and more invisible-world-connected than she ever realized.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [11:26 am pdt/ 12:26 pm mdt/ 1:26 pm cdt/ 2:26 pm edt] is an expansion of the home base experience. Our within where we live, our home where we live, is expanded by grace and light today. Can we receive the grace that is coming our way?

MARS OPPOSITE CHIRON [5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm cdt/ 8:33 pm edt] While in the MOON VOID, and between the planes and worlds, this opposition calls for healing actions and internal meetings of the deepest places residing within. These deep places not only hold pain, but also wisdom, past the pain. Fresh healing wisdom for old tired wounds. There’s a test of right action here.

May we focus today on the power of healing through actions we can take.

Author’s Note:¬†Timing is delayed on the Astrology courses. We are preparing for better structure! ¬†There will still be a free astrology course, however with a little more time to invite people to join us!

I’m preparing for a weekly practice I’ll be hosting on women’s power. Being that these are living energies, being intertwined with them creates a smoother path in life, so I’m opening up some ways for us to get and stay more connected to these subtle energies that cycle and change each day!

Prior to beginning I’m inviting free 15 minute POWER CHECK consultations to discuss how you feel power and traction in the world and the ability to do what you desire. We will be looking at your PLUTO position in your astrology chart and the area that is just now shifting as PLUTO moves forward.

Please e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with your best available 2-3 times for the 15 minute free session on POWER. There will be a free conference call set up in response to all the answers where we will employ THETA HEALING DOWNLOADS to our belief systems–anyone who wants to join us for the free call!

First–I’m checking in with all of you on your experience of your own PLUTO–your own power. How it is manifesting for you and what may be needed to upgrade that experience in the area of beliefs or theta-related potential upgrades.