October 2, 2019 – PLUTO STATIONARY DIRECT this evening; POWER SHIFT; Forward motion

MOON is charged with MARS energy early this morning then enters Sagittarius at [4:44 AM PDT/5:44 AM MDT/6:44 AM CDT/7:44 AM EDT]. It’s a fiery spirit filled day of power.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [9:42 PM PDT/10:42 PM MDT/11:42 PM CDT/12:42 AM late night EDT] links masculine and feminine energies in a beautiful formation, evolving our lives like a natural wonder that emerges from love.

PLUTO STATIONS DIRECT [11:39 PM PDT/12:39 AM late night MDT/1:39 AM CDT late night/2:39 AM EDT] for the POWER SHIFT. This focal point of change invites a balancing of power at the most divine level.

The larger natural forces of life are always seeking balance. We as the enzymes and cells of that larger life are then called to check and balance the areas of power in our lives. Today Pluto the planet of power is slowed down bringing a focus on areas that we perceive as power. This can be money or the ability to be with those we love. It is the power of the soul to come in great influence through us into this living world. We are the choosers in how this power is focused and manifest through our beliefs and attention.

May the power of belief in the ultimate goodness of creation be manifest as we honor the natural wonder of life that WE are!