August 27, 2019 – Waning Toward Harvest Cycle

MOON is in the VOID between Cancer and Leo, at the end of the Lions Gate lunar cycle.  This powerful self-recreating cycle and self-expression jump start and renewal is coming to a close, preparing for the next season of Harvest and transition.

This morning MOON OPPOSES PLUTO [1:55 am pdt/ 2:55 am mdt/ 3:55 am cdt/ 4:55 am edt] for a healthy closure of the past and more shadow clearing. There’s a powerful transition underway as a result of the incoming new energies of the Lion’s Gate and what they brought each of us!

MOON enters Leo later today [4:53 pm pdt/ 5:53 pm mdt/ 6:53 pm cdt 7:53 pm edt] for more receiving of the gifts of the LIONS GATE cycle. What are we receiving? What are the gifts of the sun for us this year? What are our gifts “of the sun,” the radiance we can harvest to share with others in the next season of harvest?

Tomorrow morning: MOON SQUARE URANUS [3:29 am pdt/ 4:29 am mdt/ 5:29 am cdt/ 6:29 am edt] is activating more changes. In the closing cycle, there are radical shifts to embody, and integrate. Its best to “keep it moving,” with the times!
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Often around my birthday I lose the blog for a bit! I’m back now! Readings are available.

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